Dollska is half Scottish, half Belarusian producer, singer/songwriter Lucy Ross. After releasing her first record, ‘Zodiac Rising’ in 2009 on DJ Twitch's label Optimo Records, Dollska (formerly Dollskabeat) earned herself a unique standing as one of Scotland's most exciting young electronic producers overnight. The record generated a buzz that reached audiences far and wide, catching the attention of both the mainstream press, radio and underground clubs around the world. Due to a catalogue of tough life commitments however, the record was only followed up by two EP's released on Dollska's own label Kissa Records, which, although not expected to reach the heights of Zodiac Rising, achieved significant success in their own right. With BBC 6 music support, a front-page cover from Mixmag, DJ plays from Laurent Garnier to Nemone and a quoted message by Brian Eno as 'outstanding work', the records were well received to say the least. Now, Dollska returns with her first album; debuting fresh material and a highly engaging colourful live performance that promises to take electronic music in a completely new direction.

Downtempo and seductive electronica, the music is designed for lovers while reaching a musical climax of underground dancefloor fillers for DJ's and club heads. Its nods to alt RnB, 90's soul, boogie, house and electronica delivered with completely fresh, modern production, is sure to please both pop lovers and underground electronic music fans alike. Dollska performs with live studio equipment either alone or, where possible, with a band - soon to be two backing vocalists - and unique visuals to create a powerful and engaging show for audiences.



So Long For A Small Storm
Kissa Records KISSA02 - 07/2015


Bored Of Shit
Kissa Records KISSA01 - 10/2012


Zodiac Rising
Optimo Music OM004 - 05/2009