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"The first record that ruined my head was Stevie Wonder's "Talking Book" - that says a lot about canadian-born Colin de la Plante, better known as The Mole. He loves to dive into the music, get lost in it, follow its flow. Be it as a DJ or a producer, solo or in his numerous collaborations, he is a true musician. He knows about harmony, change, melody and how to combine that, but respects music enough to not let knowledge stand in the way when the music itself takes over: "Sometimes I surprise myself, sometimes it trips me out where it takes me". 

The Mole is in love with a wide range of music and that shows. His sets are infused with influences that span many decades and the globe, all moulded into an exciting trip of music. His discography shows how often he has been involved in productions that for many form the essence of a genre. From the soulful edits of the highly sought after "7 inches of love", his Jazzy excursions to the trippy "Caregiver", he is a visionary artist. In his live sets or as a DJ, you will see how The Mole can set the crowd a flame with his passion for music, and his awareness of another key ingredient for a good party: "First, good people make a good night for me. Even when the soundsystem is shitty, with the right crowd you still have a great time. People inspire me, I guess that is why I also like collaborating". The Mole has proved countless times that this inspiration does not fail him and his connection with the crowd feels like a lovers embrace while sweating away on the dancefloor. 

Now, having co-started the Label "Maybe Tomorrow", the Imprint that will serve as a home for his future productions, and his second long player being released, The Mole will undoubtedly keep on influencing the scene like he has for many years now. Be it performing live or as a DJ, his instinct for a crowd and his feeling for all that is music make him one true performer. Simply: a great musician.


The Mole

Inhuman EP
Slices Of Life - 04/2015

The Mole

Best Buds Vol 1 EP
Maybe Tomorrow - 11/2014

The Mole

Caregiver – Album
Maybe Tomorrow - 06/2013

The Mole

History Of Dates
Perlon94 - 06/2013

The Mole

Could It Be, You And Me - 12”
Maybe Tomorrow - 03/2013

The Mole & Cristobal

Koosh - Can't You See I'm Having A Rough Time / Secret Rendezvous – 7“
Red Motorbike - 01/2013

The Mole

Hang In There Fry Guy - 12”
Slices of Life - 01/2013

The Mole

If I had A Nickel - 12”
Maybe Tomorrow - 08/2012

The Mole

Hippy Speedball on Panorama Bar 04 mixed by Nick Höppner 12” EP & CD
OstGut Ton - 06/2012

The Mole

Even Now Just Us - 12” EP
Vitalik - 04/2012

The Mole

Love Is The Way - 12” EP
Haunt - 02/2012

The Mole

Dog River - 12” EP
New Kanada - 12/2011

The Mole

Extended Hugs - 12" EP
Fur Trade Recordings - 08/2011

The Mole

From Villeneuve To Damerow - 12" EP
Fur Trade Recordings - 09/2010

Jozif feat. The Mole

Coca Grande - 12" EP
Vitalik - 07/2010

The Mole

Dreamer You Keep On Dreaming - 12" EP
Musique Risquée - 05/2010

The Mole

Nervous Disid - 12" EP
New Kanada - 04/2010

The Mole presents Guilty Pleasures

Family / Rotation - 12" EP
Internasjonal - 12/2009

The Mole

For The Lost / There's Hope - 12" EP
Internasjonal - 02/2009

The Mole

As High As The Sky - LP, CD
Wagon Repair - 05/2008

The Mole

Baby You’re The One - 12" EP
Wagon Repair - 03/2008

The Mole

Ombudsman - 12" EP
Musique Risquée - 09/2007

The Mole

Conversations With The Past - 12" EP
Wagon Repair - 12/2006

The Mole

In My Song EP - 12" EP
Wagon Repair - 03/2006

The Mole

My Dog Arthur - 12" EP
Arbutus - 08/2005

Mathew Jonson & The Mole / Axel Bartsch

Speicher 26 - 12" EP
Kompakt Extra - 04/2005

The Mole

One Foot On Either Side Of The Ladder - 12" EP
MUTEK_rec - 03/2005

The Mole

Fat S Edit - 12" EP
Philpot - 03/2005

The Mole

Meets The Bacon Smugglers - 12" EP
Musique Risquée - 02/2005

The Mole

Notes From The Desktop Of My Mind - 12" EP
Revolver - 01/2005

Mathew Jonson & The Mole

Moss Rocks - 12" EP
Arbutus - 09/2004

Phlegmatic & The Mole

Motorsoul Vol. 1 (Chapter 3) - 12" EP
Philpot - 08/2004

Hreno & The Mole

Living Human - 12" EP
Next Door - 06/2001


Timothy Blake

Squiggles (The Mole Remix)
Kleine Reise Records - 02/2015


Magic Ride (The Mole Remix)
Kleine Reise Records - 01/2015

Odd Soul

Rumbapitou (The Mole´s Rumboul Remix)
Discobar - 11/2014


If (Mathew Jonson &The Mole Remix)
Ostgut Ton - 07/2014


Da Season EP (Hreno & The Mole´s Mhmd Remix)
Just Jack Recordings - 07/2014


Sun Rise Way (Hreno & The Mole Mhmd Remix)
Djebali - 01/2014


Blind (Hreno and The Mole's MHMD Remix)
Visionquest - 07/2013

Marco Freivogel feat. Elif Bicer

11AM (Hreno and The Mole's MHMD Remix)
Souvenir - 03/2013

Imugem Orihasam

Moon, Silhouetted Particles (The Mole, Hreno & DeWalta Remix)
Meander - 03/2013

Michael Mayer

Mantasy Remixe 1 (The Mole Mix)
Kompakt - 01/2013

Dyed Soundroom

Close To The Edge (The Mole Remix)
Dj Magazine - 07/2012


The Puffing Tortoise (The Mole & Hreno Remix)
3rd Strike Records - 05/2012

Dan Ghenacia & Shonky

Close To The Edge (The Mole Remix)
Apollonia - 04/2012


Jewel Self Dribbling Basketball (Another MHMD Remix By Hreno And The Mole)
Turbo - 09/2011

Garry Todd

24 Hour Party Sausage (The Mole Remix)
Illusion Recordings - 06/2011


Close (Hreno & The Mole Remix)
Electric Minds - 12/2010

Cole Medina

Red Hot (The Mole's MMD Remix)
Internasjonal - 04/2010

Luca Agnelli & Marco Faraone

The Dog (MMD Remix)
Manocalda - 09/2009

Gui Boratto

No Turning Back (The Mole's MMD Mix)
Kompakt - 07/2009

Who Made Who

The Plot (Mole Remix)
Gomma - 03/2009


Playing for Keeps (The Mole’s MMD Mix)
Wagon Repair - 12/2008

Mood Edit

Man And Nature (The Mole Remix as Colin de la Plante)
New Kanada - 12/2008

Lee Jones

Soon (The Mole Remix)
Aus Musik - 10/2008


Hispaniola (The Mole’s MMD Mix)
Cocoon Recordings - 07/2008


Pferd (The Mole’s Lost In The Woods Remix)
Scape - 10/2007

Giles Smith & James Priestley

The Basics (Smokin' Pasties Remix)
Secretsundaze - 10/2007

Stephen Beaupré

Les Filles (The Mole Remix)
Musique Risquée - 04/2007

René Breitbarth / Bodycode

Hands Free Computer Interface (The Mole Remix)
Spectral Sound - 06/2006


Hands Free Computer Interface (The Mole Remix)
Spectral Sound - 06/2006

Bucci & Pink Elln

Mavis 350 (The Mole’s Who Is a Pimp Lapointe Mix)
Cynosure - 11/2004


Night Of The Living Weedheads (The Mole Remix)
MUTEK_rec - 06/2004

Ben Neville

Petid (Arthur's Mix)
Telegraph - 12/2003


Eddie C & El Molito

Ess Oh Ess/ Baltimore
Common Edit 7“ - 03/2014


51 EP
Karat Records - 05/2013


51 EP / 12"
Karat Records - 05/2013

El Molito & Christobal

Can't You See I'm Having A Rough Time / Secret Rendezvous 7“
Red Motrobike - 01/2013

Cobblestone Jazz

Who’s Future?
Wagon Repair - 05/2012

Cobblestone Jazz

Lunar Lander EP
Studio K7 - 12/2011

Cobblestone Jazz

Memories (From Where You Are)
Wagon Repair - 07/2011

Cobblestone Jazz

Chance - 12" EP
Wagon Repair - 03/2010

Cobblestone Jazz

The Modern Deep Left Quartet - LP,CD,12"
!K7 & Wagon Repair - 03/2010

Eddie C / El Molito

7 Inches of Love 3 - 7"
7 Inches of Love - 12/2009

Koosh / El Molito

7 Inches of Love 1 - 7"
7 Inches of Love - 09/2009

The Modern Deep Left Quartet

Babyfoot - 12” EP
Wagon Repair - 11/2005


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