Christopher Hreno had brought his first record by the age of seven, and was already playing his first gig – a wedding- at eleven. The record stores of Montreal, where he grew up, were to become his second home, as he acquainted himself with the vast swathes of music and styles around him. “Montreal was a diggers paradise,” Hreno says about those formative years. It was this attraction to digging that has come to define his approach to DJing. “It’s about sharing the music I’ve collected and piecing them together for the people,” as he puts it.

Hreno’s dedication to DJing invariably helped him work his way into the Montreal club scene. Later on, having moved to Vancouver to attend art school, he eventually met fellow cohort, companion and future co-producer Colin de la Plante, aka. The Mole, in one of the city’s most esteemed stores, Hush Records. Hreno made his way to the Netherlands around 2006, a period in which he spent several years mastering his studio technique, and immersing himself in the local house scene.

Since moving to Berlin In 2009, Hreno has become a well-versed traveller, DJing clubs in such major cities as London, Singapore, Barcelona, and of course, regularly playing out in the German capital itself. His style is built around that diversity in taste that contains solid minimal textures rooted in house proficiency with a familiarity in pronounced basslines, all mixed together with a background in seminal funk and disco. A sound that is defined by one his more stand out releases, Frank Barns, released on Meander in 2013. On certain occasions, you can even catch Hreno playing live – an analogue set built around drum machines and synthesizers that relies purely on improvisation. But that’s Hreno’s way. You’ll never hear a single set that sounds the same, whether he’s playing live or DJing. You can thank Montreal for that.



Meander18 - 10/2016

Deadbeat vs Hreno

Sound Architecture SA031 - 01/2015


New Jack Tribal (by Hreno: Tree Trunks)
Turbo TURBO161l - 09/2014

The Mole, Hreno, Ernesto Ferreyra

Best Buds Vol. 1
Maybe Tomorrow (3) ‎MT004 – 11/2014


Parts Unknown
Autochtone AUTOCH02 – 12/2013


The Frank Barns
Meander012 – 05/2013


Country To Country
Sound Architecture SA028 – 12/2012

The Mole

From Villeneuve To Damerow (incl. Hreno: Valerie Temple Boyd – I Want Castles)
Fur Trade Recordings FURV001 - 08/2010


Starchy Roots (by Hreno: 2nd_Bonn, 2ns_Dube, Blue_Ext, People, Trancer)
Next Door NTD000 - 09/2004

Hreno & The Mole

Next Door NTD001 - 12/2001



Hobo Dots Limited Edition blue
Hobo Dots (The Mole & Hreno MHMD Remix)
Turquoise Blue TQR018V - 03/2015

Mr. KS

Da Season
Da Season El Saison (Hreno & The Mole Remix)
Just Jack Recordings JJR002 – 07/2014


Sun Rise Way (Hreno & The Mole MHMD Mix)
Djebali DJEBRW01 - 12/ 2013

Swayzak & Richard Davis

Shut Me Down
(The Mole & Hreno´s Wet Hog Mix)
(The Mole & Hreno´s Dry Hog Mix)
Construct CLP001 - 12/2013


(Hreno and The Mole's MHMD Remix)
(Hreno & The Mole's Ambient MHMD Yacht Mix)
Visionquests VQ032 - 08/2013

Marco Freivogel feat. Elif Bicer

11am (Hreno and The Mole's MHMD Remix)
Souvenir SOUVENIR #53 - 03/2013

Imugem Orihasam

Moon, Silhouetted Particles
Time (The Mole, Hreno & DeWalta Remix)
Meander011 - 03/2013


Makers - Part 1 (Hreno & The Mole Remix)
Haunt HAUNT009.1 - 11/2012


Jewel Self Dribbling Basketball (Another MHMD Remix by Hreno and The Mole)
Turbo Recordings TURBO110 - 09/2011

The Tortoise

The Puffing Tortoise (The Mole & Hreno Remix)
3rd Strike Records Strike10 - 05/2012


Close (Hreno & The Mole Remix)
Electric Minds EMINDS017 - 12/2010

Cole Medina*

Red Hot (The Mole's MMD Remix)
Internasjonal INT013 - 03/2010

Luca Agnelli & Marco Faraone

Meat Pack The Dog (MMD Remix)
Manocalda MCEU005 - 11/2009


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